A warm welcome to Pipe Down Magazine!

The Recovery Street Film Festival is proud to announce our partnership with Pipe Down Magazine.


Araminta Jonsson, Founder of Pipe Down Magazine tells us all about it:

"For years Pipe Down was a Pipe Dream. I did a masters in creative writing and journalism whilst in active addiction. However, it wasn’t until my last relapse in Bristol that I formulated the idea of this particular magazine. Lost and hopeless, I knew I needed to get connected to a recovery com- munity but didn’t know how to in the state | was in. So I started to think about a magazine that would reach people like me and give them hope that they weren’t alone, as well as a voice.

The idea behind Pipe Down is to bring recovery into the world and the world into recovery. That means that it has content that is relevant to anyone whose lives have been touched by addiction; be it the addict themselves, their families, or even drugs workers and teachers. Because the idea came when I was in the depths of despair, I realised how important it was to involve humour. In that sort of state, I needed something light to lift me out of the darkness. I understood that in order to really engage with people that lost, we needed to do something different. Controversy and humour was the key. If we can get people so entrenched in misery to laugh at themselves, what they are doing and their situation, we may have a chance to get them to read on. There are some really important messages beneath the humour in Pipe Down. I really hope as many people as possible are able to hear them.

Today with the help of many people, most especially the Pipe Down team and all its contributors, the magazine has grown from a small concept into something brilliant. We go into prisons and treatment centres delivering creative writing workshops and encouraging people in early recovery to write and find their voices after potentially years of being sidelined."

For more information out Pipe Down, check out their website and download the latest issue today!