iCAAD supports the Recovery Street Film Festival

iCAAD: International Conferences on Addiction and Associated Disorders. We are an ongoing series of global events facilitating an open dialogue on addiction and other behavioural health issues. Our international platform is dedicated to expanding knowledge, exchanging ideas, and advancing the prevention and treatment of Behavioural, Mental, and Emotional health issues.

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iCAAD Events focus on knowledge distribution and the acquisition of skills that can be applied in day-to-day practice – including developing business workshops designed to support practitioners with the ever-increasing demands of small businesses.

We coordinate presentations from renowned medics, therapists and counsellors in addition to spokespeople and exhibitors from the world’s top recovery facilities and organisations. Our iCAAD Events bring together a wide range of academics, researchers and practitioners to join our discussions on the most innovative developing research and trending topics in the specialties of Mental health, Behavioural health, Addiction and Recovery.

iCAAD, encourages a global dialogue on the expert treatment of increasingly common conditions affecting individuals in every country – it is now more important than ever that specialists are able to network and share their findings to help treat patients rapidly and more effectively

Behavioural, Mental and Emotional health issues are saturating news headlines today, the world is speaking out and loud - and iCAAD is carrying the momentum forward.

iCAAD Events have taken place in the London, Paris, Rome, Brussels, Stockholm and Istanbul and are committed to advancing the prevention and treatment of Behavioural, Mental and Emotional health worldwide.

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