The 2019 Recovery Street Film Festival is open for submissions

The 2019 Recovery Street Film Festival was launched today, 7th May, at the iCAAD conference in London.

We are inviting anyone who is directly or indirectly affected by addiction (individuals, family members, friends, professionals) to make a three-minute film and then submit it for inclusion in the festival.

This year’s competition theme is ‘My Recovery Connections’. We want to hear about the individuals, people and communities that have supported you. How did these connections help you on your recovery journey?

Whatever stage you're at now might be the right time to look back and consider who inspired you so that you can help inspire others too.

The organisers want entries to show an honest account of the journey towards recovery: one that shows a true picture of the determination, commitment and courage that is required to start life afresh.

The submission window is now open, so it's time to start thinking about your connections and making your film. Remember, you can get tips and ideas from our 'Enter the Festival' page.

The judges will be looking for the most original and imaginative approaches to telling stories of addiction and recovery. The three minutes film should aim to make an immediate impact on the audience. Films could be short dramatic plays, using actors, drawn or stop-frame animation, documentary style pieces, personal stories etc. The message that we want the films to convey is one of positivity and hope: recovery from addiction is possible and is happening all around us.

The closing date for submissions is Wednesday 1st August 2019.