A warm welcome to R3C0VRY.WRX

The Recovery Street Film Festival is proud to announce our partnership with R3C0VRY.WRX. 


David the R3C0VRY.WRX Editor tells us a bit more about them; 

“R3C0VRY.WRX is a community. A movement for people in recovery from substance abuse and alcohol addiction. Our website has been created for anyone and everyone in recovery and is a platform for people to share their story, show their art and weave their words.

Our mission is dedicated to the coming together of people in all forms of recovery. RECOVERY is not just a label, it is a reality.

Our website belongs to people in recovery. It's a place to share experiences, thoughts, insight and beliefs about your recovery. We are not here to preach… but to allow a safe place to expand the community, spread the word and showcase the power of recovery as part of a lifestyle choice.

Pretty much all the content is by people in recovery! Be it a story, a poem, a painting or some pictures. We want people to send us your stuff so we can publish it on here to demonstrate the soul of recovery in our community, so that we can de-stigmatise addiction and recovery and develop a better understanding of ourselves and others. 

We're always after recovery related content so please get in touch.”

Find out more on their website www.recoverywrx.org