Below is a comprehensive list of all the successful entries that weren't shortlisted to be shown at our 2014 festival events. Some great work here, providing a real insight into some of the challenges people in recovery face.

Our film attempts to convey the hope and inspiration gained from supporting each other through the recovery process. Through this journey we have come to realize that a future of happiness is possible, even from the dark recesses and depths of despair.

A short film from Fleetwood in Lancashire about how drugs and alcohol can affect your life. And how people can get into recovery from addiction and find a new way of life. Mick sadly passed away after making this film.

An abstract response to addiction, represented by a claustrophobic, industrial, all consuming dark space. Hitting on issues such as isolation, denial and despair, and the despondence that they bring.

A short reading, illustrating the personal struggle and eventual overcoming of your greatest foe, in other words, yourself. Don't avoid the only face you have to lie to each morning - its not going anywhere and is always there, staring back in judgement, but only if you let it ...

Its about Recovery and an allotment project I set up for my friend Nigel ( heroin addict) and for other people with drug/alcohol problems.

A short film on peoples journeys through addiction and into recovery in Halton. Follow our stories as our recovery champions share their experiences of how they overcome hurdles to find a better life.

John Cord shares his recovery story

A tale of life affirming & emotional recovery, of self discovery and of finding love as a way of escaping that which you thought love to be, of realising that you are worth more - you always were & to never forget this ...

The realisation that you can change who you are at any time, at any point. You just need to take that first step, push the button and when the light turns green, just go and keep going until you get there - where ever there may be .

The Film is about looking further into recovery modules, acknowledging organisations that works with, and support in the recovery of service users in mental ill health. Dive and Swim, the two characters in the film, explores the dark alleys of mental ill 

Short documentary exploring challenges and realities that people in recovery face. Filmed in hertfordshire with a variety of people in different stages of recovery we aimed to show these recovering addicts from a more personal point of view and there reflections on their lives and their aims.

East West Detox charity offers a very successful and cost effective choice of holistic interventions for the prevention, treatment and recovery from addictions and attachments. 

A character is seen, and described to be in emotional distress. He is cinematically portrayed to succumb to a withdrawal indicative of alcoholism and personal degeneration. 

This film tells Maureen's story and how she has struggled with personal difficulties from early childhhod and the loss of her 19yr old son. It shows how she continues to rise to these challenges within her recovery.

Raw expression of feeling neither in or outside, of proclaiming my recovery to be mine alone and of how I will choose to deal with it! 

A short film made by service users in Kirby, Merseyside about their own personal journey through addiction and into recovery. All participants are still on medication to help maintain them for a more productive lifestyle. 

Testimony given to the healing & spiritual power of nature, the nature of & within us. The ability to heal & to come back from the verge, replenished and ready to re sow the seeds of trust, honesty & above all - love.

A look at life through recovery and future goals. 

Inspired by true events, the movie depicts the journey through recovery, represented by a train. The carriage is used to symbolise the mind. Credits to Damien Antonius, Paul Lynch, Frank Rezende and everybody else involved. 

I'm Patricia, I am 36 years old. This a snippet of my story through addiction. Three minutes is never enough to tell anyone's life story, I need a good few days to be able to tell you mine properly.I hope this snapshot will give you an idea of the journey I have been on.

Based on a true story, this film follows businessman Andy as he is sidetracked on his road to recovery from his addiction to alcohol. The relief of a successful project leads to a relapse starting from a small glass of wine.

Pete grew up on Chicago's south side. At age 14 he had his first drink--peppermint schnapps. Pete hung out with the "jocks" and "burn-outs" in high school, smoking and dealing pot and hash. His bindging grew and grew in the Airforce (which he left after 18 months), followed him to LA and then continued when he returned to Chicago in his mid 20s. But Pete was successful and worked hard at his jobs. He met the girl of his dreams, had a fairy tale wedding and through it all continued to drink. When work became more challenging Pete resorted to drinking more. This ultimately forced his wife of 8 years to leave him. Pete lost not only his wife but dog, house, family and friends. Finally hitting bottom after 35 years, Pete stopped drinking to essentially save his live. 

A warts and all reading of the typical thought process of someone comes to terms with their own personal demons .

This Video is about how making the right phone call can either change your life for the good or for the bad The music and facial expression and body language does the talking don't need dialogue for this film the emotive music does the job.

The First Hit - Kevin now in recovery, reflects on his addiction and how he came to terms with some of his problems from the past.Taken from a longer documentary I made in collaboration with Action on Addiction Liverpool. 

Its a film about, some of the challenges that some people we know have faced while recovering.

This short film follows Robbie, a former alcoholic who has turned his life around by helping those with similar issues to his own and by reconnecting with his family.Music by Kevin MacLeodFilmed, edited & directed by Fahd Hashmey

The film is about a substance user who feels alienated in society and goes on a journey through recovery to find happiness and get back into society but comes across a few obstacles along the way.