Here are some tools that might help you make your film

Pre-Production - Planning, scripting and storyboarding etc

This is probably the most important part of the film making process and can make the difference between a good film and a bad one. That's not to say a well planned film won't need to be well executed. 

Below is a video providing tips on storytelling and a  selection of templates which you can use to help you plan your short film, you don't have to use all of them.

Production - The actual shooting and recording

Shooting a short film is now possible for anyone with a fairly up to date smartphone. We have collated some films to help people who would like to use a smartphone and still get decent results.

Post Production - Everything between production and creating a final master copy

We've compiled a selection of free video editors that range from the quite simple to use (iMovie and Windows Movie Maker) to the open source and more in depth (LightWorks). Consider your editing skills and choose one that most suits your level. We have also provided links to video tutorials or user guides where possible. Looking at these might help make it easier to chose one.

Uploading to the Internet

To enter the competition you will need to upload your entry to either YouTube or Vimeo. For the purposes of this competition the important details you need to know about both platforms is that YouTube users will need to set their entries to private and Vimeo users will need to password protect their entries.

If you have never used either platform here is a useful guide for short film makers


You can find basic guides to uploading for each platform here:

YouTube Upload

Vimeo Upload


You can find more information about the privacy settings here:

YouTube Privacy Settings

Vimeo Password Protect


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