Host your own screening


hosting a screening of the film festival is easy.

One of the best things about the Recovery Street Film Festival is having the opportunity to share the messages of hope and recovery.

Being able to share these stories with members of the public is a great way of helping to tackle the stigma around addiction and encouraging people to learn more about recovery and seek help for themselves or a loved one. Hosting a screening is also a wonderful way to celebrate the achievements of people in recovery.

To host a screening, you actually need very little. The ten shortlisted films (including the three winning entries) are all uploaded to our YouTube channel after the launch event at the beginning of September. You simply need a smart TV, projector, laptop, tablet or even a smartphone to be able to show them.

Some people set up a room like a mini cinema screen, with chairs in rows, facing a large screen or projector and play the films that way. Others may host more intimate screenings around a laptop or computer. However you decide to do it, let us know what you have planned and we can promote it on our website. Use this form to tell us about your event and we will promote it on our website.

You can also access our screening pack, which gives some tips and ideas for discussion points to help you make the most of the screening and encourage conversations about the messages of the films.

A screening is also a great time to inspire your own storytelling group and maybe start preparing your own film for next year!