Recovery Street Film Festival 2016 welcomes short films from public

The public are being invited to make three minute films about addiction. The Recovery Street Film Festival, now in its third year, asks people with personal or family experience to make short films about recovering from drug or alcohol misuse.

The competition opens for submissions today, 12th of April, and closes on the 29th July. The winning films, picked by a panel of experts, will be shown at locations across the UK.

The Recovery Street Film Festival is led by a group of drug and alcohol treatment charities, including Action on Addiction, Addaction, Adfam, the Amy Winehouse Foundation, Blenheim, Phoenix Futures and Turning Point.

Mitch Winehouse, father of singer Amy, endorsed the festival, stating “Sadly we don’t hear much about recovery in the press or on TV, and as a result people who are struggling with addiction don’t know that they have got a chance. People have got to know that recovery is out there and it is possible. Recovery is a concept that means different things to different people, and the Recovery Street Film Festival is a great opportunity to share their unique stories about how they or a loved one turned their lives around.”

The aim of the festival is to break down stigma by opening up conversations, and show what recovery can look like. The festival empowers people who have been affected by addiction, by giving them a platform to talk about their experiences of recovery and how they have overcome barriers.

Ceri Walker, who won last year’s Recovery Street Film Festival with a moving film about her mother’s alcoholism said –“I think that in the future the Recovery Street Festival could be a great way for people to work through their own stories and celebrate their recovery. It's also a great creative output and really improved my confidence. These films could help all the charities involved educate others of the impact drugs and alcohol have, and show others they aren't alone in their journey and motivate them to make changes to their lives.”

You can find more information about how to make and submit your film here