The Shortlist 2017


Beginning with our three winners, here are the ten shortlisted films selected by our panel of judges for the Recovery Street Film Festival 2017.

1st Prize: Kelly's Story


Kelly tells the story of losing her children, being homeless on the streets of London and her struggle with heroin addiction. Steps2Recovery provided her with a room and a safe place to start her recovery journey.


2nd Prize: James' Story


James explains, for him his mother taking drugs was ‘normal’; so growing up he didn’t know any different. After confronting his mother about her drug use, she told him she would stop. As much as James wanted to believe her, his mental health suffered as he developed paranoia and a mistrust of her.


3rd Prize: Our Younger Selves


Our Younger Selves is a short film written by people in recovery and told by actors playing the younger selves of the writers as they reflect back to who they were as teenagers. This film was made by Funky Films, a group of amateur film makers in recovery.


This two part film portrays the personal stories experienced by Tracy and Danny in their recovery journeys. Lost Time was produced by clients from CGL Kirkby



Never let go of your dreams shows what was nearly lost but also regained through these two recovery stories. The film was made at DMC Media’s 10 week film course by people from Recovery Connections.


This film shows a journey of hope and recovery depicting the story of Tracey and Emmies bond as mother and daughter through an inspiring song. It also shows Jimmy’s story and pictures of clients from R3 who have made up for lost time and are now stable in recovery.


The story of one woman’s recovery told through a poem written and narrated by Hannah. The film was made by service users from the CGL Bromley Drug and Alcohol Service User Council.



David is a recovering alcoholic. He tells the story of his addiction, how he was losing things because of alcohol and how he has overcome this. Davy has come full circle in the family service and has recently been appointed as a support worker. He tells his life story through his tattoos.


This film shows how the peer mentors at Foundations are focusing on the positive factors in their lives at present such as volunteering, training, gardening, building friendships and families. This is their way of making amends and building up trust with those around them.


Marlon tell his story of recovery, he is having the best time of his life being free from drugs and is making the most of now. This is why the title of his film is ‘Making up for lost time now’. Marlon is a client at the Blenheim service in Lewisham where he is also a service user representative.