Announcing our 10 film shortlist

We are very excited to be able announce the 10 films shortlisted for screening at the Recovery Street film Festival events this month.

The 10 films will be screened exclusively at our festival events before being made available on our website at the end of September.


Four years ago Jurek (Jerzy Stuglik) was an alcoholic, he was homeless, he couldn't see a way to escape the streets and his problems. Today Jurek revisits the park where he used to sleep and tells the story of his recovery.

On Road              

Our film features three of the Building Futures Peer Supporters at HMP Pentonville: three men starting out on their recovery journeys ahead of their release from prison. They each reveal their childhood ambitions and how drugs prevented them from achieving their dreams, before reflecting on their hopes for life after addiction and jail. For life On Road.


Sober is a short documentary about facing your worst fears head on and in doing so becoming a stronger version of yourself. More detail here shot and edited by Gareth Bowler

Harry’s Story     

20-year-old Harry Doherty discusses how he became addicted to drugs, the impact this has had on his mental health and the start of his recovery journey.

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"Not even a total eclipse can fully block the light of a true star - abstinence is a light that burns deep within each of us!" This film was made by Paul Scully and filmed by Manus Cross, Employee Communications Officer at Turning Point

On a good day  

In this short film we tell the story of addiction & related social problems through the experience of Tony's 1st Niece, Denise.  The film highlights the ripple effect of addiction, whilst focussing on the benefits of recovery and restitution. Denise describes the constant worry and anguish that both her and Tony's Mother experienced as a result of Tony's criminal activity and drug use. The film ends with Tony visiting his mother, drug free, crime free and expressing his love and appreciation for her continued love, loyalty, hope and support.


The film features Leila who is from Doncaster and over the last couple of years has moved to Sheffield. Leila has a long history of drug use and associated issues and accessed rehab in Sheffield through Phoenix House. Leila attends mutual aid regularly and has recently completed a mentor programme to come back to Doncaster to help others.

Vicky’s Story     

Vicky's Story was made by Spectrecom Films, directed by Peter Ford (Spectrecom), with overall creative direction from Annie Houston (Turning Point Marketing Department).

Follow Recovery Road  

Our film alludes to the story of the Wizard of Oz, using the search for courage, heart and wisdom as the basis for the reintegration with society that is part of the 'road to recovery'.  The characters all have to find within themselves - through the over


The film demonstrates the challenges that an individual faces throughout the life of addiction however despite those challenges an individual can make positive changes.

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