Working in Partnership to Celebrate Recovery
— Bob Campbell

Organising Partners

The group came together to raise awareness of addiction and the impact it has on individuals, families and communities by taking a fresh approach. 

We aim to reduce the stigma associated with having an addiction, promote the benefits of recovery and increase access to support for people in need.

By giving people the opportunity to experience through film a diverse range of real life stories from people affected by addiction it may help reduce the stigma of addiction.

The organising partners are:


We welcome any registered charities that would like to support the festival. We thank all charity partners in name on our website and wherever possible on our promotional materials.

Working together we believe that we will be able to achieve our shared vision.  We just ask that you commit to screening the festival films (downloaded materials and films are made available free of charge on our website) and helping create a greater understanding of addiction by telling your supporters about the festival.

If you're interested in becoming a charity partner contact us here.

The charity partners are:



The festival organisers are all charities, our film makers and volunteers give their time and talent free of charge, therefore to support our work we welcome commercial/business partners that share the vision of our festival. Businesses of all kinds can play a positive role in making a difference to the way we view addiction and recovery in our society. We thank all business partners on our website and wherever possible on our promotional materials.


If you're interested in becoming a commercial partner or donor contact us here


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